Ling Wang Photography is a nationally-renowned portrait studio based in Houston, TX specializing in effortless and modern senior portraits. We are passionate about capturing photographs that embodies the individuality of each person who steps in front of our cameras.

We prefer hugs over handshakes, prints over pixels, and natural movements over stiff poses. We love to create beautiful art for you and with you.

Charlotte and Hannes are siblings from NYC. Charlotte recently finished HS and is entering college, and Hannes is an upcoming HS senior. Their very wise momma decided she wanted senior portraits and sibling portraits done at the same time, so she flew me out to NYC to document this special time in their lives.

We started off the shoot on the Upper East Side, which is perfect for the clean cut, Parisian chic look.

Afterwards, we moved the shoot into Central Park for a more picturesque, nature look.


Madison is one of those rare individuals that you come across that simply exudes the love and light of Christ.  As a teenager, she traveled to Africa on her own to work with orphanages.  This summer she is doing the same again.  She has such a beautiful voice and sings with her church band.  It was a privilege to work with such an amazing young lady, and I knew that I had to match who she was on the inside with photographs that were equally beautiful.

friendswood tx senior photographer_0001friendswood tx senior photographer_0002friendswood tx senior photographer_0003

Madison has a special Bible in which she journals and illustrates her meditations on the word.

friendswood tx senior photographer_0004

How cool are her rings?  I love them!

The last set of photos is possibly my favorite.  Madison’s light blue dress really brought out her eyes and her golden hair.  The sun was coming down pretty fast by then, and through a series of flow posing (and because she got really comfortable with my directions at this point), we were able to capture all of these expressions and poses within 5-7 minutes. #nailedit

friendswood tx senior photographer_0008

friendswood tx senior photographer_0007

A year ago, I photographed Meredith’s older sister for her college senior portraits. Meredith (affectionally called Mer) came along with her mom to assist her older sister, Katie. Throughout Katie’s shoot, Mer acted as my little assistant and held the reflector for me. She was so sweet and adorable, and I told her, “please come back when you’re a senior, I’d love to photograph you as well.”

When I got an email from Meredith a few months ago inquiring about her own senior shoot, I was elated. Returning clients are always my favorite because they know the rope of how I do things, and in Meredith’s case, she soaked up all the posing tips from her sister’s session and totally knew how to work her model face by the time she did her session with me.

When we talked about the direction of the shoot, and we decided that we would go for a 70’s inspired nature shoot.  Obviously, we kept the modern clothing, but the feel of the images would have that 70s soulful vibe to it.

We started off with my classic sunkissed look and lighting.
spring woodlands tx senior photographer_0037

This cold shoulder dress and look from Francesca’s is so gorgeous.  Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the off the shoulder trend.  It looks good on everyone.

spring woodlands tx senior photographer_0038spring woodlands tx senior photographer_0039

We kept Meredith’s long locks straight for the 70s natural and effortless look.

spring woodlands tx senior photographer_0040

Then Mer showed off her college pride with her TCU outfit.

spring woodlands tx senior photographer_0041

Lastly, our last look with the floral dress was the most vintage inspired.

spring woodlands tx senior photographer_0042spring woodlands tx senior photographer_0043

There are three generations represented in that above image – Meredith, her mother’s ring, and her grandmother’s camera.  🙂

It’s the best feeling in the world to create photography that is sentimental and meaningful to families.  It brings me a lot of joy to know that I was able to do that for both Meredith and Katie.