Highlights from the Past Month

I’ve been incredibly blessed to have the seniors I’ve had this year.  Each one has their own beautiful, distinctive, quality that makes them unique and wonderful.

Since my time is quite limited, I won’t be doing full session posts for awhile.  Here are some highlights from the past month from the completed sessions.



portfolio_0071 portfolio_0070



portfolio_0074 portfolio_0075


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Prom Edition: What’s in Your Purse

Prom is a big deal.  Unfortunately, Giselle and I are past our prime for prom.
That doesn’t mean we don’t have nuggets of wisdom from our high school days though.
Well here is a list of items that can help make your prom disaster-proof.

1. Clutch Purse


Opt for a smaller purse or clutch. Not only is it trendy, but it also goes well with your prom dress. Carrying less means you have less to worry about when you accidentally leave your purse behind. 

2. Cash and cell phone.


The two most important things that you should not leave your house without.

3. Lip gloss and mints


These are always great to carry around in your purse. Plus you never know when you may need them.

4. Blotting sheets

Because believe me, you will definitely work up a sweat at prom.

5. Hollywood tape

Having trouble with your outfit? For a quick fix, bring along some Hollywood tape to hold your dress in place.

6. Band-aids

These are always good to carry around with you just-in-case your high heels rub against the back of your heel.

7. Roll-up flats

After a long night of dancing, your feet will thank you for bringing these along.

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20% Off – Graduation Announcement Cards

ling wang tiny prints 2


Get 20% off your Graduation Announcement Cards – Code: GRADSR

Hi Friends,

This year we are partnering of Tiny Prints, one of the best personalized graduation card companies, to give back to the community.

Giving to those in need is something I’m incredibly passionate about, and the Tiny Prints affiliate program is the best way for you to join me in making a difference in our own community.

Whether you purchase grad cards through the Tiny Prints main page or use Ling Wang Photography’s personal storefront, the pricing for your cards stay consistent. However, if you purchase through our store, all the proceeds collected from the affiliate program will go towards Generation One, a non-profit academy in the 3rd ward of Houston, committed to reversing the cycle of poverty through holistic and well-rounded education for “at-risk” children.

I’ve personally visited the Generation One academy multiple times, met the staff, and every single one of the kids.  This year, I did school photos for the children, and they were so awesome in every way.  I truly believe that Generation One is helping them obtain a better and brighter future.  If you choose to purchase cards from Tiny Prints,  a portion of your purchase will go towards school supplies for Generation One kids for the next school year.

Thank you in advance for supporting the community.

ling wang tiny prints


Now until April 15th, all graduation cards are 20% off

>>>Click to Redeem<<<


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Say Something, I’m Giving Up on You

facebook woes

You know that relationship you know isn’t good for you, but you’re not quite ready to end it yet.  Your still holding on with hope that things will get better, but with every encounter, you’re getting more frustrated.  That’s my relationship with Facebook.

If you’ve seen a lack of posts on my Facebook page lately, it’s because I’m contemplating breaking up with it.  It’s no longer the predominant platform for my High School seniors, who typically prefer instagram and snapchat these days.  They still log on to FB every once in awhile, but not nearly as often.  As a senior portrait photographer, I gotta go where my people go.

Reasons I’ll be using Facebook less and less.

1.  It’s bad for my seniors’ self-esteem.

Depending on when I post, who I tag, how many times I’ve posted in the last week, FB decides how many people sees my posts, usually 2-5% of my total followers.  For example, when I post two seniors’ pictures back to back, the first senior’s photos will inevitably get more likes because FB’s algorithm leans towards the first thing you post. Even if both my seniors are EQUALLY gorgeous and the photos EQUALLY pretty, one of my seniors is going to feel less liked – not because anyone determined it so, but because FB decided for us.  

Rule #1: Don’t put your self-worth in the hands of Facebook, it’ll crush it.

2.  The Newsfeed is not current

Even though I set my newsfeed to “latest posts,” a huge percentage of my current newsfeed is news from a day ago.  It shows the most popular posts, but it may not be what I’m interested in.  On top of that, posts that I’ve liked before a few days prior will sometimes randomly show up again on my newsfeed because more people liked it.  It’s like a popularity contest everyday, and it’s exhausting.

(Yes, I’ve done the newsfeed quiz, and it doesn’t work.)

3.  Professional photos look like Advertisements

I’ve had people tell me that when they scroll through their newsfeed, sometimes they ignore my posts cause they thought it was an advertisement.  While that’s flattering in some ways, I’m really quite bothered by it.  On Pinterest and Instagram, it’s normal to have higher quality photos, so professional photos fit right now.  On Facebook however, if it looks too good, people perceive it as an advertisement.  While I prefer my newsfeed to be of my friend’s silly jokes and hilarious memes, it makes me wonder if Facebook is the right platform for photographers.  At one point it definitely was, now I’m not so sure.

I consider myself an artist more than a business owner.  I just want my senior’s friends and family to be able to see his/her photos.

When I post pictures, it’s rarely because I’m advertising myself, but I’m celebrating the accomplishments of my clients.  These days, I just can’t do that on Facebook.

friendswood tx senior portrait photographer

4.  Vertical Photos look terrible on the “New” Newsfeed

I shoot vertical images quite a bit because that is the editorial style.  When Facebook made the newsfeed larger, it increased the size of horizontal images and square images, and the vertical images seem much smaller in comparison.  Not only that, but they didn’t even bother to center aligned the pictures, making the whole thing look awkward.


A few things Facebook is doing right.

1.  Facebook Groups

I use Facebook predominantly for the groups now.  It’s like an easier version of a forum.  I enjoy it, and I like it.

2.  Facebook Messenger

I use FB to message people I don’t have the numbers to frequently, and it’s a good way of keeping in touch with my friends overseas.


Really, all this is to say I prefer Instagram.  Follow me on @lingwangphoto , I usually follow back.


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Nick and Jessica

Nick and Jessica are a couple I photographed this past December.  They’ve been together for 11 years, and their love for each other is so evident.

They found each other during their teenage years, and haven’t left each other since.

Here’s the fusion video of their engagement session.  

Jessica’s Testimonial

“Ling far exceeds anything I could have ever dreamt of in imagining our pictures! These engagement pictures were very special to my fiancé and I…we have been together for 11 years and never had professional pictures taken before. So, in our minds, we wanted these to be absolutely perfect. We wanted someone that would be able to capture us in the most genuine way, being 11 years of history between us. She was not only able to capture the beauty of us as a couple, but I could genuinely feel our love come across in each picture. She was able to capture the playfulness, joy and warmth between us, as well as the tender moments.

From the moment we began the process of this shoot, Ling was so incredible and pleasant to work with. She started by going over each detail with us, the style of the shoot, hair/makeup, outfits, and location. She really listened to what we wanted, all while putting it all together cohesively in her own style. The location she found for us was perfect; it was exactly what we wanted and more! Ling was great with communicating with me and answering my many questions and concerns leading up to the photo shoot. I always felt at ease with everything, which is not very common for me.

The day of the shoot was amazing! Ling made us both feel so comfortable in front of the camera and was so patient with us while we got into the groove of things. Only a true professional would take the time to really make sure everything was just right, while we had many outfit changes and looks. She spent so much time with us to make sure we were happy. Watching her complete her vision in the way she captures the light and manipulates everything so perfectly is incredible. She also utilized each area of our location, really giving us what looked like several locations and different looks in one shoot.

Once we received the photos, we were in such awe of her work. We must have looked through them for hours while glancing at each other with tears in our eyes saying “Oh wow.” We were speechless with the emotion she was able to capture. These were truly the most amazing pictures I had ever seen, and boy did we feel lucky that they were ours. Her gift for capturing such beautiful moments in time goes unmatched in our eyes. She met and exceeded each desire we had. She made me feel so beautiful and confident that day, and this carried over into the pictures. We just love her photography and editing style; so vibrant, yet not overdone, and full of gorgeous light, with perfect angles and beautifully captured moments. She just accentuates the natural shot straight from the camera!

We are so very pleased with our session, and will treasure these pictures always.
I am so grateful to have these moments in time captured in such an effortless and beautiful manner. Ling is so incredibly talented and we are so grateful and lucky to have had her as our photographer, and now dear friend. Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful gift that will be a lasting reminder of this special time in our lives together. We look forward to many more sessions with you in our future as we grow as a family.”

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