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I could not be more pleased to share with you this gallery of images from our summer themed shoot last month.

After traveling through London and New York in June, I was inspired to conceptualize a photoshoot that is a mix of Downtown Abbey and Gossip Girl.  There are two things I will always miss about England: their daily habit of drinking tea multiple times a day and colorful English roses that seem to sprout all throughout the country.

Pastel colors are a constant theme throughout my photographs, and I believe the vibrant colors are what brought this photoshoot alive.  Since it’s summer time and fruits are plentiful, our floral designer added kiwis, peaches, lemons to spice up the the flower arrangements for our garden party.

Every one of our stylists who worked on the scene or on the models added their own modern twist to a vintage set design.

We also brought a bit of Paris into the mix by bringing Bite Macarons on board.  It isn’t very proper to bring macarons to an English tea party, but who cares!?  They’re delicious.

And who can forget our gorgeous models that evoked a New York attitude while simultaneously making us all melt with their Texas sweet smiles.

************DREAM TEAM************

Models: Lauren Nugent, Lauren Pettey, Song Faulkner
Makeup & Hair: Sunkissed and Madeup
Prop Styling: Candice Hollub
Floral Design: Maxit Flower Design
Macarons: Bite Macarons
Fashion Stylist: Allann Campbell Wardrobe Design
Cinematographer: Katie Lamb
Photographer:  Me

*******Photoshoot Film*******

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We’re so thankful to be booked out for the season. The 2015 school year is just kicking off, and I can already feel the excitement that this year’s seniors are bringing to the table. I can’t wait to craft specialized sessions for each of my clients.

We are now accepting bookings for January-May, our most popular time for photoshoots every year. All dates are first come first serve.

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In love with this photo from my recent session with Gabriella. It’s funny how my hat always ends up on my seniors at the end of the session.

Anyways, I’m submitting this one as a magazine cover for Chic Critique‘s fall issue.
Wish me luck!


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Necklaces and earrings are a no brainer to bring to a photoshoot, if you can find the right ones to match with your outfit. But here are some less conventional, but still common accessories to bring along to your photoshoot that you might want to consider.

Keep in mind that none of this is necessary.  They are just extra ideas.


senior girl pose outfit inspiration


senior girl pose outfit inspiration


senior girl pose outfit inspiration

CONFIDENCE AND TRUST (in yourself and your photographer)

senior girl pose outfit inspiration_0004


Above all, don’t stress.  As I tell all of my clients, if you have no clue what to wear, you know how to reach me.  I can help.

Adornments are just part of the fun.

Who we are is not what we wear, but if possible, our personal styles should be a reflection of us.  Regardless, I genuinely believe that inner beauty is still far more important than outer beauty.  

The prettiest girls, in my opinion, are always the ones that are pretty on the inside.

senior girl pose outfit inspiration

Until next time…



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