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In love with this photo from my recent session with Gabriella. It’s funny how my hat always ends up on my seniors at the end of the session.

Anyways, I’m submitting this one as a magazine cover for Chic Critique‘s fall issue.
Wish me luck!


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Necklaces and earrings are a no brainer to bring to a photoshoot, if you can find the right ones to match with your outfit. But here are some less conventional, but still common accessories to bring along to your photoshoot that you might want to consider.

Keep in mind that none of this is necessary.  They are just extra ideas.


senior girl pose outfit inspiration


senior girl pose outfit inspiration


senior girl pose outfit inspiration

CONFIDENCE AND TRUST (in yourself and your photographer)

senior girl pose outfit inspiration_0004


Above all, don’t stress.  As I tell all of my clients, if you have no clue what to wear, you know how to reach me.  I can help.

Adornments are just part of the fun.

Who we are is not what we wear, but if possible, our personal styles should be a reflection of us.  Regardless, I genuinely believe that inner beauty is still far more important than outer beauty.  

The prettiest girls, in my opinion, are always the ones that are pretty on the inside.

senior girl pose outfit inspiration

Until next time…



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  • August 29, 2014 - 9:55 pm

    Tyra Washington - Please send Sr pic prices.ReplyCancel

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Hi friends, just a few updates.  I’m now booking September-December.

August is all booked out.  Be sure to inquire soon for those coveted Autumn session slots.  They will go fast!  November and December are two of my most popular months for both seniors and families booking family sessions for Christmas cards.

Friendswood High School Senior Portrait Photographer


In other news, my Instagram is blowing up with really fun updates.

Check out previews of our Garden Tea Party promo shoot.

  • July 29, 2014 - 11:30 pm

    Juliette Barron - Hello,
    My name is Juliette. I’ve been looking around for someone to take my engagement photos. Do you do engagement photo sessions? My friend Linda told me about you and I fell in love with your work.ReplyCancel

    • August 11, 2014 - 10:58 pm

      Ling Harris - Hi Juliette,

      I’m currently not booking any engagement photos. My friend is amazing at engagements though! You’ll love working with her.


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houston senior guy portrait photographer

The biggest fear anyone has about taking pictures is that 1) the pictures won’t turn out well.  2) it may look uncool 3) the photographer will accentuates a part of their body that they don’t like.  Preparation alleviates fear.

Here are some ways you can prep for a Senior Guy session:


senior guy poses with soccer ball

1) BOOK EARLY (Like Several Months Early)

Unlike High School senior girls, who are very involved with the planning of their session, most senior guys don’t think about senior pictures.  It’s their moms that usually book their session.

Here’s the reason why I recommend booking early.  My husband is notorious for griping about getting his pictures taken (ironic, isn’t it?).  If I want us to have a couples photo session together, I would have to book it months in advance and put it in the calendar.  As we draw nearer to the time of the session, he will slowly become more accepting of it.  It becomes less intimidating because the idea has already sunk in, and it’s not an immediate shock to his system.

Many guys are like that.  It’s not that they don’t like having great photos of themselves.  Photo taking might just be out of their comfort zone, and they’re not sure if they can own up to it. Booking early will allow them plenty of time to prep their minds and wardrobe.


The other reason I recommend booking early is because of hair.  If you’re going to get a haircut before the session, please DON’T do it within two weeks of your session.  I personally think 3 week to one month out is best.  Most stylists have a tendency to cut too short, and one month is enough time for hair to grow to just the right length.

However, if your hair stylist is incredible and your hair always look fantastic right out of the salon, then don’t worry about it.  You may even want to pay him/her a visit the day of the session, so he/she can do your hair.

senior guy poses drums


Here’s what I usually recommend for my senior guys:

*3 Casual Outfits

*At least 1 Semi-Formal (button down of some kind)

*1 Specialty Outfit (ex: suit & tie, college shirt, sports team shirt – just no clown suits please)

You can never be “too fancy” for a photoshoot, but you can be “too casual.”  Clothing that fit well will always make you look smarter and cooler.

Don’t forget to bring multiple pairs of shoes to match different outfits and a white undershirt.  If you have no idea how to go about dressing yourself, ask your friends, girlfriend, or mom.  I’m sure they will be more than happy to help.

Also, you want to make sure your clothes are steamed and ironed appropriately for the session.   Hang the clothing in your car or lay them out flat. You don’t want to just toss them in a bag.  Wrinkly clothing is a big no-no for photos.


However you decide to wear your facial hair, be intentional about it.  If you’re one of those guys who’s doing pictures to please mom, then defer back to whatever she wants.  I’m being completely serious here.  She going to be the one cherishing the photos forever, so make her happy.

If you plan on shaving, I recommend shaving on the day of the session.  If you find yourself often wounding yourself when shaving, hire a professional to do it.  Shaving accidents often look like popped pimples in pictures, and that’s never a good look.

senior guy photos


Acne is every teenager’s worst enemy.  It was mine anyways.  It seemed like no matter what face wash or cream I used, the pimples held their ground and wouldn’t leave.

Good news for you guys, I have photoshop, and I can zap it in virtual reality.  But here are some actions that will make a difference: drink lots of water, stay away from oily fried foods, and sugary items during the week of the session.  Eat more fruits, and WEAR CONCEALER.  Yup…I said it.  I know you’re dreading it, but on the day of the session, raid your mom’s makeup bag and borrow her concealer for the day.  Make sure you’re the same skin color of course.  Wearing a little bit of coverup on the day of the session is great idea if you have acne.  The photos won’t show that you’re wearing makeup at all.  I have many tips regarding this subject; we’ll just discuss it over the phone.  ;-)

senior guy poses


Ideas of what you can bring to your session:

*Musical instruments

*Sports equipment


*Anything hobby related

During your pre-session consultation, we’ll discuss a location appropriate for the props you bring as well.



Most glasses will produce glare.  If you don’t mind taking photos without your glasses, then we’ll just take them off during the shoot.  If you like how you look with glasses on and want to wear them during the photoshoot, pay your eye doctor a visit and see if you can loan a pair without the lenses.



Don’t even worry about it.  I’ll take care of you.



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top 5 best iphone photo apps

I get separation anxiety when I’m away from my iPhone for an extended amount of time.  It is in essence, my office.  More than that, it is my day-to-day camera.  While I love my DSLR for portraits, the clunkiness and weight of the camera deters me from bringing it out for anything other than photoshoots.

Here are my Top 5 iPhone photo apps of 2014, rated based on ease of use, functionality, and how happy it makes me feel.

Disclaimer: this is clearly not an objective list.


Cost: Free (with in-app purchases)

If I could only have one photo app on my phone, it would be this one.  It’s slick, fast, and has gorgeous filters.  It can take multiple photos in quick succession, and it works off an internal library system  so it’s not necessary to leave the app to take or edit photos.  This speeds up workflow considerably, and it frees you up to save only your best onto Camera Roll.

Another reason I like VSCO Cam is because I have a ton of control over how the photo turns out after I apply the filters.  I’m able to adjust the exposure after the fact, tweak the temperature coloration, change the depth of the shadows and highlights.  It also allows me to micro-align the photos so that my lines are straight.


Another good app for editing is Snapseed, which also has a ton of control, but it’s not great for taking photos.  It’s made with editing in mind, not photo taking, which means I hardly use it compare to VSCO Cam.


Cost: $2.99 (it used to be $5, so a bargain really)

If you’ve ever had to take photos on a day when you forgot to put your makeup on and you’re breaking out like crazy, this app will save you.  Here’s a quick edit I did in Facetune using one of their example photos provided with the app.  It’s incredible how easy it is to use.  Seriously, who needs photoshop when you’ve got apps like this at your fingertips.

before and after facetune


Cost: $2.99

This app can transform your photos into watercolor paintings.  If your friends don’t know about it, they might even think it’s you who painted it.  Rather fun right?

The results are hit or miss with portraits, but it does a rather good job with landscapes.

Here’s one I made just yesterday.

Cardif Castle Painted in Waterlogue


Cost: $.99 cents (with in-app purchases available)

If you want to intentionally make your photo more grungy, vintage, and hipster, Afterlight is the right app for you.  The advantage and disadvantage of this app are the same: there are way too many options.  Every time I use this app, I spend more time tinkering than editing.

I think the creators of this app could easily do away with half its filter.  I would actually use the app more if I could easily identify which filters are the best ones.

For it’s cost and capabilities though, I think it’s one of the better photo apps.

Afterlight App Review


Cost: Free

Those of you who use Instagram know how frustrating it is when a photo just doesn’t fit the square format.  Before this app came out, I had to go into Photoshop to manually add borders.  This took way too much time, and it decreased my motivation to post on Instagram.

Whitagram made it super easy to load the photos and convert it to a square.  There are many apps of this kind, but I still go back to Whitagram because of its simplicity.

whiteagram app review


On Instagram, I ask my followers to guess what sort of of light I used with this photo below.

The answer is the iPhone flashlight. While I was traveling in NY, I did a session with my friend Grace Weber. Normally I would be using my Westcott Ice Light, but since I had planned on traveling for an extend amount of time, I didn’t want to lug around my lighting. I used what was most available to me, my husband and his iPhone.:PNow normally, flashlights tend to give off a green or orange hue, but since I intended this photo to be black and white, I didn’t really care. It was only after I converted this photo back to color that I realized it looked pretty great in color as well.

So there you have it, the iPhone flashlight is perfectly capable of lighting up a scene if you need it. Congrats to @lamp_head003 for being the first to guess it correctly.

  • June 27, 2014 - 3:53 pm

    Nancy Willaford - After using these apps, do you find that you’re still able to enlarge and print your photo’s? Or are they too pixelated to enlarge?

    In the past, the hard way, I’ve found that using photo apps reduced the dpi from 300 to 75, or smaller.

    I’d appreciate your input and look forward to hearing from you!

    • July 23, 2014 - 2:29 pm

      Ling Harris - Hi Nancy,

      I wouldn’t recommend printing anything 5×7 or larger with iPhone pics. 8×8 is doable, but it’s cutting it a bit close.


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