win a trip to NYC

New York City has a special place in my heart.  It is where I went to college and where got my start in photography.  For years, I’ve been wanting to bring some of my seniors to NYC for a dream photoshoot.  This year I can finally make it happen, and I am SO beyond excited.


We are planning on taking three seniors to NYC with us.  Two 2016 seniors and one 2015 senior.

The first 2016 senior winner has already been announced this morning on Instagram.  She was our winner from our Senior Fashion Night event at Langford Market last night.  However, there are TWO more spots!

Here’s how you can enter the giveaway to go to NYC with us:

nyc 2

2016 Senior

Book a photoshoot with either myself or Jessica between now and May 31st.  Not only will you get $25 off the session fee (and we almost never do discounts), but you will automatically be entered into the giveaway.  We will do a drawing on June 1st, and we’ll announce the winner on Instagram.  We will also contact the winner via email.

All previous 2016 seniors that have already booked will qualify for the drawing.

Quick note: please don’t book us just for the possibility of going on this trip.  It’s not a guarantee that you’ll be chosen.  Book us as your photographers because you would have done it regardless anyways.  Just see this as a bonus.


2015 Senior

To qualify for the 2015 Senior spot, you have to be one of our previous clients.

We love our seniors, and we know that the feeing is mutual.  If you have friends that are Class of 2016 that haven’t booked a session with a senior photographer yet, all you have to do is refer your 2016 senior friends to book a photoshoot with us between now and May 31st.  You’ll get one referral per senior that books, and whoever has the most referral between now and June 31st will win the giveaway.

  nyc 3


When will we be going?

Once we find our three winners, we will discuss dates with each of them and find something that works for everyone.  As of right now, we are planning on late July/early August.

Will we get a chance to explore New York City?

Heck yea you will!  I know the city very well, and I’ll act as your tour guide.  A good time will be had for sure!

Is there a catch?

No catch.  We’ll cover your round-trip flight and room.  You will have to pay your own food and transit, and whatever shopping you decide to do, but that’s it!

Why is this giveaway not open to everyone?

We’ve done giveaways in the past where it was available to everybody, and people would literally take the prize and run with it.  Never contacted us again, and no relationship was developed.  This trip is a huge deal for us as we’re spending a lot of money and time planning it.  We want to go on this trip with people that want to develop a relationship with us and would hire us regardless of the trip.  That’s why this giveaway is pretty much “client only”.  This is our way of showing love to the people who believe in us.

This NYC trip is just the beginning.  We have some really exciting events coming up for our clients in the upcoming year.

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Galveston really manages to surprise me. Just when I thought I’ve found all the cool nooks and crannies, I find a few more spots that I love even more than the previous ones!

There’s a few important things to keep in mind when booking a Galveston senior portrait shoot.

1) Go during the week when it’s not as busy.  On the weekends, Galveston can be filled with too many folks, and there’s less privacy.

2) Galveston looks best during the months of Feb-Nov.

3) Avoid at all cost during holidays and especially during Mardi Gras.

4) It’s fairly breezy and windy 80% of the time, which is good for long hair girls, but may not be the best spot for short hair girls that need to keep their hair a certain style.

Galveston Senior Photographer_0001

Sophie’s first outfit totally screamed SPRING!

Galveston Senior Photographer_0002

Isn’t her Baylor skirt so cute?  Her brother did photos with me two years ago also with Baylor attire.:)

Galveston Senior Photographer_0003

Thank you window shutters for matching with Sophie’s dress.  Good job!:P

Galveston Senior Photographer_0018

We found this lovely old building that reminded me I definitely need to go to Galveston more often.

Galveston Senior Photographer_0005 Galveston Senior Photographer_0006 Galveston Senior Photographer_0007

Looking for a grand old building to photograph at?  Look no further than The Galvez Hotel by the seawall.

Galveston Senior Photographer_0008

Right across from the Galvez is the beach, so we got some beach pictures right as the sun faded into the clouds and set across the ocean.  To be honest, it was fairly cloudy this whole shoot except for the first hour.  That’s okay though, Sophie’s photos turned out lovely, and I couldn’t be happier.

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I photograph a handful of young artists every year, and they’re often some the most thoughtful, interesting, and delightful bunch of seniors I meet throughout the year.  Maggie, whom I had the fortune of photographing a few weeks ago, is a high school senior that has had her own photography business for two years.  She’s never been photographed professionally before, and it was a real privilege to be a part of her senior experience as well as her artistic journey.

She reminded me so much of myself; although I was not nearly as accomplished as she was at her age.

All I can say is, Shine On Maggie!  Never stop chasing your dreams and being the vibrant influence that you are.


Houston Spring Flower Senior Portrait Photographer

Biscuit Wall Houston

Isn’t this color wall paint wall so much fun?

Houston Senior Portrait Photographer

Montrose Biscuit Wall

Houston Urban Senior Portrait Photographer

The wind totally worked in our favor this particular day.

Houston Flower Senior Portrait Photographer

Towards the evening when the sun set, and there wasn’t anymore light outside, we stopped by my studio for an impromptu studio shoot with Maggie’s prom dress.  Maggie’s facial features and her prom dress were perfect for the look I had planned when I commissioned my backdrop.   A few months prior, I commissioned one of my seniors/young artists (Stephanie) to paint a navy/aquamarine backdrop for me in the style of Annie Leibovitz for Les Miserable poster.  Here is the beautiful result…Annie + Gatsby style.

Houston Classic Portrait Style Photographer

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style me monday banner

Once a week on Mondays, our style intern Gabriella Garza puts together collages of outfit inspirations to help you plan for your senior portraits. You can click on each outfit inspiration to view more details about the clothing or you can hover over the photos to pin it straight to your Pinterest board. If you don’t want to miss out on a post, follow us on Instagram to get reminders about our Style Me Mondays.


It’s almost Summer which means we will get to spend days under the sun by the pool or at the beach. We all struggle with finding our perfect swimsuit so I came up with a few collages to give you some inspiration. From cover -ups to  accessories there are so many options to make sure you can dress up your swimsuit and have a stylish summer. Enjoy!

Indie Summer
chic in dots
fabulous floral
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Milla is a young girl with an old soul. When I first saw her, I gasped because she is so incredibly beautiful. She’s not the trendy Kardashian type beauty that is in style now but may not be in a few years. No, Milla is a vintage beauty that transcends time. She’s a senior now, but she’s one of those girls that I can see getting even more gorgeous with time. Have you noticed, her eyes speak louder than words.

Galveston Senior Photographer_0023
Galveston Senior Photographer_0020

Galveston Senior Photographer_0025

When one accidentally finds a pink taxi, one needs to take photos with it! – Life motto

Galveston Senior Photographer_0026

Sea breeze is the best!

Galveston Senior Photographer_0022

Milla used to dance at the Galveston Opera house, so we couldn’t resist going there for a few shots.  She landed among the stars.;-)

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